Above are images from Yoni Dukler’s Quality submission for the 2-D AP Studio Art Portfolio.  Students must submit five printed images that are sent into to be evaluated.  Students have their images mailed back to them in the summer after the evaluation is complete.

Yoni received a 5 on his AP Studio Art Portfolio.  To see his entire portfolio go to Yoni Dukler 2014 5

Section I: Quality

  • Select works that best exhibit a synthesis of form, technique, and content
  • 5 actual works; maximum size is 18″ x 24″
  • The works submitted may come from the Concentration and/or Breadth sections, but they do not have to. They may be a group of related works, unrelated works, or a combination of related and unrelated works

Below is a link to see how the quality images are evaluated.  Pages 3-5 are the Quality Scoring Guidelines


College Board Scoring Guidelines


AP Explanation of The Portfolio