Selected Works

Yoni Dukler Selected Works (Score: 5) 

Topic: Farm Workers


  • Select 5 works that best exhibit a synthesis of form, technique, and content

  • The works submitted may come from the Sustained Investigation, but they do not have to. They may be a group of related works, unrelated works, or a combination of related and unrelated works

  • The Text for each image must include:

  • Ideas, Materials, and Processes (see further below for more information on what to include for the text – no more than 100 for each not all)

  • Here is an example of Selected Works by Sara Snell (Score:5, Topic: Macro Lens Photography)

Sara Snell Selected Works with text


College Board Information on Selected Works Management Link



Each image submitted must have a short explanation of ideas conveyed, the materials used, and processes used (100 characters maximum each).  


What concept, theme, technique, message, etc. is the image conveying?

Materials used for photography is often:

DSLR or Film SLR

If your image is from a phone or tablet I would say “digital camera” not iPhone, Samsung Phone, etc.

Software used: Photoshop (even if you used Photopea), Lightroom or any others you used.


Special lenses, filters, lighting equipment

Anything else you think appropriate

Processes used for photography:

Techinques used in Photoshop, Lightroom, or other software (layer masks, adjustment layers, transform tools, gradients, filters, etc.)

Lighting Techniques during shoot

Camera settings (like shutter speed, ISO and aperture settings) that are integral to the outcome of image (for example: for a bulb exposure, how long was the shutter open? For depth of field, what was the f/stop, etc.)

To find the camera settings, go to this webpage for an explanation:

How to Find Camera Settings (f/stop, shutter speed, ISO)

Anything else you think that would be helpful in helping understand how your image was created



See Enola Lagrave’s Selected Works as a an example (click on images to see larger):


Another great resource is to look at the 2023 portfolios from NPHS AP Students 

Sample NPHS AP Portfolios