Art Show Entry for AP/IB

This is what the gallery will look like for AP and IB students (these galleries are just for demonstration). Please scroll down for directions on how to turn this in


Click or tap an image and it will open to full size. Click or tap the small arrows on the sides of the images to scroll through the gallery.

Eric Lindroth

More Images by Eric



Elizabeth Cano

More Images by Elizabeth 



Rita Valencia-Reyes

More Images by Rita



Directions to enter show:

Please choose your top 6 images.  You do not need to put your name on the images like you see above in a couple of these galleries. Put them in a Google Photos Album and, as always, make sure link is viewable to all. The teacher will download your images and put them in a gallery like you see above. If the order in which your images show is not important, then the jpeg file names do not matter.  If you want them to have a particular order, the gallery puts them in alpha or numeric order by file name. Your will not rearrange them for you – you need to label your files correctly if you want a certain order.

If you would like to have a link that shows more of your images, then please include that link in the comment section of Canvas.  Please make sure whatever link you share has school appropriate content – if we find something unsuitable, you could be kicked out of the show and referred to the administration. This link to additional work is not required.

Who goes at the top of the webpage? It goes by order of when they are turned in.  So if you are one of last to get these files to me, you will be placed lower on the page.  First come, first serve.  Canvas tells the exact time you turn in things.