DATA Computer Programming 10th Grade

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3D Prints designed by the students


Island Pendant by Tariq Ali



Very Cool Epic Style Ninja Star 3000 by Brennan Baker


Hiemal by Skylin Blackburn


Simple House by Brandon A. Blanco


K,A by Jose Cano



Book Holder by Alex Cohen


Diamond  by Che De La Cruz


Mr. Snuggles the Teddy Bear by Katlynd Duffy


EUTDM by Odaly Garza Quintanilla


Castle by Naomi Gonzalez


Mustang Logo by Dominic Gozzo


Wooden House by Max Green


Baby Yoda Cradle by Carter Hanson


Copper Vase by Maya Hernandez


Guitar by TravisLee hooker


Killua’s Yo-Yo by Alexander Jewett


Model Supercar by Ian Kosman


Best Cup by Micheil Patterson


Fancy Snowman by Lucas Peterson


Mario Tube by Issac Rea


Utility Drawer by Carson Robertson


Pixel Triceratops Jr.  by Johan Sosa


Rocket by Ying Tham


Nintendo Switch by Tyler Weinstein