Exposure Balancing – Academy


Mr. Lindroth’s Sample Album


Assignment: You are to edit 2 images.

In your album you must include the image before the edit, screen shot of image open in Photoshop or Photopea with layers showing, and the final image.  Total of 6 images in album.


Shoot Images of sunsets and/or sunrises that look something like this below.  There needs to be some foreground present in the image.   You are looking to make sure you expose the image to get a nice color saturation in the sky and the foreground can go more dark.  We will be pulling out more brightness in the foreground using Photoshop or Photopea.


Here is the Photoshop tutorial for this project:

Here is the Photoshop Tutorial in PDF  form:

Exposure Balance Using Photoshop

Here is the Photopea Tutorial for this Project:

Here is the Photopea Tutorial in PDF form

Exposure Balancing Using Photopea