Art Contest Winners from NPHS


Westlake Village Art Guild 2017 Student Art Show Winners

This show was open to all high school seniors and juniors (in both public and private) in the greater Conejo Valley.  It is a juried show and only one in three images entered got in to compete.  NPHS had 27 entries make it in, the highest number of any school. Super competitive.

The NPHS winners are below:

Annie Sun

Annie Sun

1st Place – 2d Fine Art ($100)


01 Zoie Wong

Zoie Wong

1st Place – Digital Imaging ($100)


02 Rachna Deshpande

 Rachna Despande

2nd Place – Color Photography ($75)


03 Brandon Ly

Brandon Ly

3rd Place – Color Photography ($50)


Hang With the Best Student Art Show 2017

This show is open to all secondary schools in Ventura County and all the way down the 101 to Calabasas (public, private, and home schools)

Jake Stencel

Jake Stencel

1st Place – Photography ($200)


Hana Sugioka

Hana Sugioka

1st Place – Graphics ($200)


Evelyn Zhai

Evelyn Zhai

Barbara Sullivan Award ($200)


Jenny Gavin ACCV Board Winner

Jenny Gavin

Arts Council of Conejo Valley Top Choice ($100)


Blair Rocheleau

Blair Rocheleau

Arts Council of Conejo Valley Top Choice ($100)


Annie Sun

Annie Sun

Greg Cole Memorial Award ($200)


McKenna Farnham

McKenna Farnham

Hillcrest Center for the Arts Staff Favorite ($50)


Kendyl Sing

Kendyl Sing

2nd Place – Photography ($100)


Zoie Wong

Zoie Wong

2nd Place – Photography ($100)


Devon Cabelli

Devon Cabelli

3rd Place – Photography ($50)


Skyler Wood

Skyler Wood

2nd Place – Ceramics/Sculpture ($100)


Hannah Bashforth

Hannah Bashforth

2nd Place – Painting ($100)


Ashley Jackson HWB

Ashley Jackson

3rd Place – Photography ($50)


No image available

Ashley Geraldo

3rd Place – Drawing




Congressional Art Competition – 2016

andy cho

Andy Cho

– Winner –

CA Congressional District 26 

His image will hang in the Washington DC Capitol Building for a year and he will be flown 

back to attend the ceremony

Annie Sun

 Annie Sun

Runner Up

Hang With the Best Student Art Show 2016

Jessica Han

Jessica Han
1st Place – Painting & Greg Cole Memorial Award


Amanda French Hang with hte Best 3rd place

Amanda French
3rd Place – Photography ($50)



Ethan Duffy Hang With the Best special award

Ethan Duffy
Delta Kappa Gamma, ETA PSI Chapter of TO Award 


Photographer’s Forum Magazine Fall 2015 Student Competition

These students are finalists for the Photographer’s Forum Student Competition

Their photos will be published in a book with the other finalists

andy cho

Andy Cho


Brandon Chen


 Madison Hutchinson


 Monetha Raghani

(this image is directly referencing the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo)

Congressional Art Competition – 2015




Jessica Han 

  • – Winner –
  • Her image hangs from June 2015-June 2016 in Washington DC Capitol 




 Ernesto Ambrocio – Runner Up

Westlake Village Art Guild 2015 Student Art Show Winners

NPHS photography did extremely well this year, taking home 7 of the 11 photography awards and also winning a memorial award.  NPHS students had a full one third of all entries to make it into this juried show (24 pieces). The next closest school had 16 entries make it in.

You Have a Little Paint on Your Face- Jessica Page

Jessica Page 1st Place – Color Photography ($100)


Michaela Juels Honorable Mention Color Photography ($25) AND Greg Cole Memorial Award ($200)


Maddi Spangler 2nd Place Color Photography ($75)

Monetha Raghani - Sweet Droplet paid

Monetha Raghani 3rd Place Color Photography ($50)

Sideshow - Paul Schneider

Paul Schneider Honorable Mention Color Photography ($25)


The Gardener - Alex Monji

Alex Monji 2nd Place – Monochrome Photography ($75)

Abandoned Destination- Jamie Baker 17x11

Jamie Baker Honorable Mention Monochrome Photography ($25)

Jessica Han

Jessica Han Third Place 2-D Art ($50)

gil torten

Gil Torten 3rd Place 3-D Art

To see all the winners from all the high schools, click on this link:

2015 Student Award Winners



Hang With the Best Student Art Show Winners 2015

andrew cho

Andy Cho 1st Place Photography ($200)

Jingjing Wu

JingJing Wu 2nd Place 2-D Art ($50)


Alex Monji

Alex Monji 3rd Place Photography ($25)

Cameron Badner

Cameron Badner Honorable Mention Photography ($15)

Reily Jones

Reilly Jones Hillcrest Center Staff Favorite ($25)

Westlake Village Art Guild 2014 Student Art Show Winners


Allison Paulson

1st Place Black & White Photography ($100)

Ryker Wall

2nd Place Black & White Photography ($75)

Jonny Byrne

3rd Place Black & White Photography ($50)

Kevin Norgaard

2nd Place Color Photography ($75)
Hillcrest Center for the Arts
Hang With the Best (2014) Student
Art Show and Contest 
Competition is drawn from all of Ventura County
NPHS students won the majority of the awards handed out

Janss Marketplace Youth Art Walk Winner and

Conejo Valley Days Winner

Jessica Han, 9th grader

Janss Marketplace Youth Art Walk
First Place
$200 cash, $200 in gift cards to Janss Marketplace Stores
$400 cash given to Jennifer Kaye’s art program


Jessica Han and Jennifer Kaye Receiving their FAT CHECKS!


Tara O’Gorman
Winning Conejo Valley Days Pin Design
She was named Junior Grand Marshall of CVD and received a stack of tickets to the Event
Attended the VIP Party for CVD
Westlake Village Art Guild Winners 2013
Students competed with all high schools in the Conejo Valley including LA County

First Place: Black and White Photography

by Sam Prasopthum
“Skate or Die”
Second Place: Color Photography
by Rachel Ranucci
“Hidden Identity”

Honorable Mention: Color Photography

by Jonny Byrne
“Breaking Point”
Honorable Mention: Color Photography
by Quinn Levin
“In the Clouds”
Our Own Larry Berlin’s photos in California Diving News!
Congrats, Larry!  This is the second time he has been published in a dive magazine for his photographic prowess
Conejo Valley Arts Council 
Hang with the Best 2013 Winners
NPHS took home the lion’s share of the awards this year!
1. Jazmin Clarito, Special Award-Digital ($100)
2. Jessica Han, First Place-Painting ($200)
3. Krista Jolley, First Place-Drawing ($200)

4. Haley Wurst, Second Place-Drawing ($75)
5.  Elena Dick, First Place-Mixed Media ($200)
Photography Winners
Henry Horita, First Place ($200)
Jonny Byrne, Third Place ($25)
Kevin Davila, Third Place ($25)
Fran Gonzanlez, Honorable Mention ($15)
Jaclyn Lee, Honorable Mention ($15)

Carly Crandall, Honorable Mention ($15)