How Beauty is Constructed


Watch this video to see how much a person can be changed in pre-production, production and post-production:


Dove Evolution – Image Manipulation Demonstration



This is a very good video where a model talks about her prespective on being a model and how much she is changed in the images. You will be answering questions about the video.  The questions are listed below and also on the PDF.




Cameron Russell – TED Talk

Image is Powerful – Image is Superficial

Please answer the following questions based on watching the TED talk by Cameron Russell.

  1. What does Russell mean by “legacy”? How does she fit into this legacy?

  2. Russell states, “These pictures are not pictures of me, they are constructions.” What does she mean by this? What goes into making these constructions?

  3. What does Russell say she gets for free? She then connects this reality with Latino and black men in New York City. What is the connection she makes here?

  4. What does Russell tell us about being a model that she has never said on camera before (and she says other models also never say on camera)?

  5. Russell speaks of the challenge she faces in striking a balance in giving this talk. What is the balance she is trying to find in her delivery of her message?

  6. Do you think she has achieved this balance? Why or why not?


PDF of Questions:

Cameron Russell Video Questions