Ideation Academy (Summer Project)

Over the summer you will be shooting/editing images that will pursue a certain topic.

In AP we call this the Sustained Investigation. 

In IB we generally call it a Theme (it eventually becomes the Exhibition – the art show…sorry, IB is, most of the time, complicated in its structure). 

There are literally hundreds of ideas that can be pursued.  What is important is the the idea you pursue is meaningful to you because that is the only way your work can be authentic.  

Both AP and IB students would benefit from going to both of these links below because the concept is very similar for both – a body of interelated works that contain a statement explaining the artist’s ideation about the works.

To see strong AP portfolios go to this page:

AP Student Sample Portfolios

To see strong IB portfolios go to this page:

IB Student Samples – Exhibition


You will also be doing a bit of research on artists and/or photographers that inspire you.



Here is the Ideation Academy Summer Project Explanation.  This is due the second Friday upon our return to school in August.


AP-IB Ideation Academy Summer Project