Historic Photo


Migrant Mother
by Dorothea Lange

Choose a historic photo. For this photo you must include the following:

1. The date (or at least year) it was taken
2. The photographer’s name (if available)
3. The importance and significance of the photo in history
4. Why did you choose this photo?
5. Your own thoughts about the image and its significance

You must have at least two research sources for your paper and you must properly cite the source at the
end of your paper (MLA format).

It is suggested that you use EasyBib.com or some other sourcing citing

If a source is not cited or is not in the proper MLA format, the paper will not be graded.


Here is the NPHS Sage Library page on Citation Help if you would like to refer to this:


Student Sample Research Paper:

Grant Hoffman – Dakota Access Controversy




Here are many historic photos that you may choose from (this is a list I have generated):

Historic Photos Images and Credits

Here is the link to Pulitzer Prize Winning (and Finalist) Photographs


These are articles on photography and controversy that arises in this art:




You are not limited to the images and topics listed above.  You can find images not listed here.  The photo just has to be historically significant within a large audience.