Photomontage with Clouds – Photo 1, AP, IB


Assignment: create two photomontages

In your album you must include the images by themselves before the montage, screen shot of the images open in Photoshop or Photopea with layers showing, and the final photomontage.


Mr. Lindroth’s Sample Photomontage Album


Take photos of clouds.  Here is an example:

It is easier if you take photos with subjects that have plain backgrounds that do not compete with your subject.  It would be wise to take photos of objects, people or animals against a clear sky, a one tone wall, a green screen if you have one, or any other background that is non-competitive with your subject.  This is not absolutely necessary, but encouraged. Some examples here:



Here is the Photoshop Tutorial to Create a Photomontage

Here is the tutorial as a PDF:

Digital Photomontage Tutorial


Here is the Photopea Tutorial to Create a Photomontage


Here is a PDF of the Photopea Montage Tutorial

Photomontage – Photopea