AP Portfolio Final for Mr. Lindroth

Hi all,  

Every AP photo student since I have started teaching this class turns in, on slides, their final portfolio to me regardless if they turn in their portfolio to the College Board or not.  Why all do it?  This is the culminating project that the whole course has been working on, so it is always required. I know with the current grading policy with COVID-19, I cannot actually require it this year, but I would greatly appreciate it if you did do it.  Just know that you will receive a zero if you don’t do it, but the final grade you get in the class will be the highest grade you earned of either the 3rd or 4th quarter.

Just know how hard I have worked for you when deciding whether to turn this in or not.  Also, you have benefited from other students’ past portfolios as examples, please help us keep up our tradition of paying it forward as a photo department. 

I don’t think this is too much to ask. I seriously think these slides could be done in a half hour.

It is very simple to do, really.  There is a sample here.  This one does not contain all the slides – it just shows the format and you would repeat the format for all of your images and text.  You can use Google Slides or Power Point.

Yes, that is my dog and my daughter in the photos…

AP Portfolio Final Sample

Super Important!

Type all of your text on Word or Google Docs so you have a character count and spell and grammar checks.  

Those turning your portfolio into the College Board, MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER THE ORDER IN WHICH YOU ARRANGED YOUR SLIDES! Take a screen shot or a photo of the screen on your phone.  The AP portfolio can be accessed on your phone, so you can take a screen shot from there if that is best for you.

Simply copy and paste your text into the text boxes. Place your images in the slides and BOOM you are done.  

Turn in your slides to AP Portfolio Final on Google Classroom.

Thank you,

Mr. Lindroth