Aperture Applied


Aperture is the tool that controls the volume of light in an exposure and depth of field.

For this assignment, you will be shooting two kinds of portraits:

  1. close up portraits with a shallow depth of field

  2. environmental portraits with a large depth of field


Shoot 5 portraits with at any aperture setting between f/1.4 and f/5.6 to create a shallow depth of field

You should be close to your model but you need to make sure we can see the “bokeh” in the background.  It is recommended you shoot on Aperture Value Mode (Canon)/Aperture Priority Mode (all other brands)

Shoot 5 Portraits with an aperture setting anywhere between f/16 and f/32 to create a large depth of field

You should position yourself where you are far enough from your subject to show the environment/background they are in.


Mr. Lindroth’s Sample Album of Portraits

Go to this page for tutorials about Aperture function and control:

Aperture Control