Final Review – Camera Tools

We will conduct a few reviews of the basic camera tools and functions.


Please answer the questions in this study guide by using the text entry form on Canvas like we have done for the reading assignments

PDF Version:


Camera Tools & Functions Study Guide 2020-21


Same Document as Above in

Word Doc Version:


Photography Study Guide Modified For Pandemic


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Test Review Answers – COVID19 version


I would highly recommend that you keep a copy of your responses to this (maybe copy and paste your responses on a Google or Word Doc or some on some other platform).  Maybe you might want to print them out.

We will be going over the answers and you will be able to refer to your answers when we take the test on these concepts.




Here are resources for you to find the answers for the Study Guide


This packet is a concise collection of the information.  We did not cover everything in this packet this term due to limited access for students to full cameras.


Camera Tools and Functions Packet


Below are lectures given on all these tools and functions:




Video that explains ISO

Here are the slides from this lecture:



Exposure Control and Light Meter

This is a video of the introduction to exposure control

These are the slides from this video

Exposure Control Lecture Slides


Aperture and Depth of Field

Here is a video on the lecture about Aperture and Depth of Field:

Here are the slides of the Aperture/Depth of Field Lecture:

Aperture & Depth of Field


Shutter Speed

Here is a video of the lecture on shutter speed:

Here are the slides of the lecture on shutter speed:

Shutter Speed intro


White Balance

Video that explains White Balance and White Balance Bracketing


Here are the slides from the presentation above:

White Balance