Extra Credit Opportunities

Extra Credit Opportunities for All Classes
The amount of points rewarded for extra credit is on a case by case basis and it varies for different courses.  Consult the chart below to find out how much a particular entry will receive.
Use this form here for most extra credit assignments:
Extra credit Form to download
Restricted Extra Credit Assignments (meaning there is a limit to the amount of extra credit awarded for the below activities)
Event/Activity   Points for Photo
1 and 2
 Points for AP or IB  Max points you can earn in a sub-term Photo 1 and 2  Max points you can earn in a subterm AP or IB
 Using the NPHS VPA Extra Credit Form:      150 (this applies to a combination of the numbers in green)  300 (this applies to a combination of the numbers in green)
 NPHS or off-site play, musical, dance, choral or instrumental concert 30  50  see above  see above
 Half-time dance or band performance  15  15  see above  see above 
 NPHS art show  20  20  see above  see above 
 Off-site gallery or museum visit  30  50  see above  see above 
 rock concert  15  20  see above  see above 
 Contest or art show entry        
 Online contest/show (i.e. viewbug.com)  25  25 50  100
 Printed Image contest/show  50  100 200 400
Unrestricted Extra Credit Assignments (There are some events, contests and show that fall into an unrestricted extra credit category.  Your teacher will announce these and tell you how many points they are worth.  Check this webpage for updates)