Textures and Surfaces

 Textures and Surfaces – IB Visual Arts

This is the explanation of the assignment:

Textures and Surfaces – IB Visual Arts

This is the evaluation form which you must turn in when you have completed the assignment in its entirety:

Textures and Surfaces Evaluation Form

Theoretical Practice

 The Photos of Aaron Huey and Street Art of Shepard Fairey

Honor the Treaties Campaign

Looking Beneath the Surface

Aaron Huey ImageUntitled

Shepard Fairey Honor the Treaties

USA map

Lakota Nation

Please click on these links to see the videos about Aaron Huey and his photography focusing on the Lakota Nation.

Aaron Huey – TED Talk

Honor the Treaties

Link to Street Art of Honor the Treaties


This website lets you print out high quality posters for free.


Photographers who study textures and surfaces in their work

Edward Weston

Karl Blossfelt

Imogen Cunningham

Minor  White


Rick Rose (his aerial shots in particular)


Yann Arthus Bertrand – Aerial Photographer


A great website to explore contemporary photographers:


I would 100% suggest you get a Pinterest  account to research photographers and artists as well as artistic techniques:


Art Making Practice

Student Samples

Surface Studies by a NPHS past student: Ryan Sandefur

Ryan Sandefur Surfaces Concentration

Surface Studies by a NPHS past student: Alexander Sun

Alexander Sun – Surfaces Concentration

Macro Lens Photography: Diana Bronakowska

Diana Bronakowska AP Concentration

Macro Lens Photography: Ashley Kolosky

Ashley Kolosky – Macro Lens Photography

Kylie Kelleher Texture and Surfaces Studio Work

These are lessons for the non-photography studio work I will do with those who are interested for this texture project:



Instructions on some of technicalities of the Art Journal

To see how to do the comparative study between your two chosen artists, please go to this link below and look ath Morgan Ichimoto’s journal work.  Yours doesn’t have to follow the same format.  However, it should have depth like hers does and must be properly cited.  Looking at this will help with the entire journal entry when it is addressing context.


To learn how to document your editing in Photoshop please go to this webpage:

Post Production Assignment page

To learn how to make a digital contact sheet, see how to put the shutter speed, aperture and ISO of you digital images in you journal, and to see samples of how to cite sources go to this webpage:

Art Journal