Column 1 Studio Art Ideas

This page is dedicated to various non-photographic art forms

Here is the chart of columns that describe your requirements for making art (click on it to see it larger):

IB VA 3 columns

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Value and Volume

Below are several non-photo assignments that work with value and create interesting 3-D optical illusions.  Each one gets progressively more challenging.  These art projects would be good to contextualize with artists and photographers that explore value and volume in their work.  There are some photographers below you could use as comparison.


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optical design

These are photographers and artists that you can use for comparison and contextualization



Edward Weston

(really famous, just need to start researching)


Johannes Vermeer

(really famous, just need to start researching)

Op Art

Movement in Squares

Bridget Riley

Website with biographical info:

Gallery of her work:


Victor Vasarely

Website with biographical info:

Gallery of his work:

Zentangle Projects

By “TheLonelyMaid”


Zentangle portrait sampleZentangle portrait sample 2Zentangle portrait sample 3


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Check out these painters/photographers

17 Artists Blurring the Line Between Painting and Photography