Image File Size Over 4MB?

Managing Image Size

Image cannot be over 4 MB  (4000 KB) to upload onto AP website

If you run into issues with your files being too large to upload to the AP website, refer to these techniques below:

Tutorials Showing How to Reduce File Size

Please note: in the tutorials, I say images cannot exceed 3MB.  AP has changed this to 4MB starting in 2023, so just know this when veiwing the tutorial.



Here is a written tutorial using Photoshop to reduce the file size:


How to reduce file size using Photoshop





What if a file size is file to over 3MB?



iPhone – email image:

Find image on phone or Google Photos app and email the image to yourself and do not choose actual size. The app tells you how much storage the different size files take up. Choose the largest one that does not exceed 3 MB (3000 KB). 

In this case the Large size would be good.  You don’t want to go too small for your file size.