Juggling/Floating Photomontage


Number of images? Most likely just one final edited image depending on complexity (the ones Mr. Lindroth is showing here in his albums would be enough for one final image) 

Before and after images

and screen shot with layers showing in Photoshop or Photopea

required? YES


Very important:

This assignment requires you to shoot different phases of the montage with the same background and using masks to reveal the subjects.  Screenshot evidence as you work on this montage are mandatory (see MrL’s album).  


Here is an album by Mr. Lindroth that shows the steps of this technique:


Mr. Lindroth’s Juggling Montage


Mr. Lindroth’s Floating Montage


Here are is this technique done by NPHS student Dylan Narkawicz (click on image to see it larger)


Professional Photographer: Lauren Rosenbaum

Here is a Photoshop Tutorial on this process:


Here is the Photopea Video Tutorial: