Enola Lagrave: Sustained Investigation – Humans in Relation to the Vastness of Nature

Enola Lagrave AP 2-D Art and Design Portfolio 2020


Kate Arnold – Score: 4

Topic: Shoes in the World

Kate Arnold – AP studio art portfolio 2021


Madelyn Janisse – Score: 4

Topic: the integration and transformation of humankind with nature

Madelyn Janisse – AP Studio Art Portfolio 2021


Sarah Wang AP 2-D Art and Design Portfolio 2020

Sarah Wang: The Varied Landscapes of California


Kellie Kotake: the liminal space within landscapes

Kellie Kotake AP 2-D Art and Design Portfolio 2020

Hunter Steinle: The Destruction and Regeneration of Nature

Hunter Steinle AP 2-D Art and Design Portfolio 2020

Billy Busse: The Ever Changing Sky

Busse, Billy 2018 Score 5

Nathan Garner: The Sky

Garner, Nathan 2017, Score 5

William Cavanah: The Ocean Draws Us In

Cavanah, William, 2017, Score 5

Easton Jones: Benches Overlooking Landscapes

Easton Jones Sample

Easton Jones 2015 5

Jamie Baker: Humans enhancing nature                       


jamie baker field girl

Jamie Baker 2014 5

Johnny Agulia: Beauty of the Skies

Johnny Agulia Sky

Agulia, Johnny 2014, 5