Open Studio Assignment IB

Open Studio Assignments make up the majority of tasks in this class. Students create images for their Sustained Investigation.  Images do not always have to be photographs as this is a 2D Design class.

The number of images required is 50 for SL and 75 for HL.  Images must be edited for quality.  This means, at minimum, adjust contrast as necessary and touch up any blemishes that may have occurred in the production process (spots on the image, damage to film or paper in the darkroom).

The number required can be reduced if there is a great deal of labor that went into the images.  This might include photomontages, darkroom images, darkroom images with special effects, some landscape photos, astral photography, and other techniques that are labor intensive.  Please consult with Mr. Lindroth to determine the amount you would be allowed to submit.

How are these graded?  The pursuit of your art is a journey.  As long as I see you are putting strong effort into composition and concept and your use of light is well thought out, you will likely get 100% on most submissions.  I respect risk.  If you are attempting a challenging task and your images don’t come out as stellar as we’d like, as long as I can see your effort, you will likely not be penalized on your grade.  I want you to be able to take risks without fearing your grade would suffer.

I can usually smell a rushed, thoughtless job.  Just make sure I can see effort and you should be fine.

The major factors I am looking for is