Concentration Portfolio

Concentration Portfolio

You will create a series of photos that are interrelated either in a technical way or thematic way.  You will create a Google Slide or Power Point Presentation.  Your presentation will include:

  • 10-15 images made by you pertaining to your concentration (this is if you are doing basic digital images – the number can be reduced if doing darkroom or elaborate Photoshopping –  consult with MrL)

  • An artist statement that explains your concentration

  • The inclusion of one well-known photographer that do similar work to yours (at least 4 images from the photographer).  No written explanation of the photographer is required – some of the example portfolios do have explanations.  This was the student’s choice to do this.

Here are two questions to guide your writing:


What is the central idea of your concentration?


How do your images support this idea?



Exemplary Student Concentration Portfolios:



Concentration Portfolio – Ashley Kolosky

Topic: New York City and it’s people



Veronic Seixas – Photography Concentration Portfolio

Topic: Hand Painting on Black and White Images


Billy Busse -Concentration Portfolio

Topic: Landscape


Holly Maine Concentration- Ocean and Underwater

Topic: Underwater Photography


Josh Morales – concentration portfolio

Topic: High School student photography – all darkroom photos


Michelle Rothman – Concentration Presentation

Topic: Night Photography



Below:  These portfolios do not have famous photographer in them, but are good examples of the concentration:

Sterling Smith – Concentration Portfolio

Topic: Windows and Doorways

Ryan Melton Moorpark College CBE portfolio

Ryan Melton statement

Topic: Voodoo

Mirian Ferretiz Moorpark College CBE portfolio

Mirian Ferretiz statement

Topic: Time

Miranda Finch Moorpark College CBE portfolio

Miranda Finch statement

Topic: Urban Decay

On this one the statement is in with the slides

Dylan Dodson

Topic: Surreal Landscape


AP Sustained Investigation Portfolios