Printed Portfolio



You will submit a printed and dry-mounted portfolio of your

6-10 best photos.

At least 3 prints must be darkroom in origin.

If you want digital images printed, MrL will work with you on getting them done.

Your first mount board is provided for you from you payment you gave for Photo Two. 

The other mount boards must be purchased at the Student Store for $2.00 each. 

You will also need a portfolio holder that can be purchased at the Student Store for $4.00.


So the total amount you will bring to the Student Store will range between $14.00 (for the minimum of 5 mount boards) and $22.00 (for the maximum of 9 mount boards).


You will need to categorize your prints so they can be voted on by your classmates to compete for the Ansel Awards.

Below is the link to the categories:

Specific Categories to Classify Your Prints


This is a link that shows sample photos that fit into the various categories above:

Ansel Awards Sample Category Images

Here is the link to the ballot we will use when voting:

Ansel Voting Ballot