Street Smart Camera Functions Academy

This document explains how to shoot the assignment:

AP IB Photo Street Smart Camera Academy


You will need to turn all these in on one album.  

Turn them in with this order:

1. 10 portraits shot at large aperture

2. Drop this one: Disappearing fence images (one image at smallest aperture and one image at largest aperture)


For all motion photos vary the subject and/or background for each image in each type of motion

3. Five best Freeze motion photos 

4. Five best Blur motion photos

5. Five best Pan motion photos

6. Exposure Bracketing images (five images of same scene with different exposure settings)

7. Three best silhouette images

8. White Balance Bracketing: three scenes, each shot at three different white balance settings (9 images in total)

9. Drop this one: Three zoomed in images of far off subjects

10. Drop this one: Three portraits shot with zoom at long focal length 

11. Five best bulb exposure images (this one due later than all the above)

Total number of images in album: 47