Touch up Editing

Touch up editing (also called retouching) is when blemishes are cleaned up, mergers are removed, certain parts of the image morphed, etc.

Retouching  photos is not without controversy as many of the images of people you see on a magazine cover have hours of retouch work done on them.  So the person you see on the cover may not resemble the actual person as much as you may think.

However, retouching does have positive aspects as well.

1. Watch this video to see how much a person can be changed in both production and post-production:


Dove Evolution – Image Manipulation Demonstration




2. Watch this video and see how re-touching can be used for positive ends:






This is a very good video where a model talks about her prespective on being a model and how much she is changed in the images.


Cameron Russell TED Talk on the Modeling Industry’s Photographic Practices


You will be doing some touch up on some photos.  You may choose to touch up portraits or not.  You can touch up other subjects.


Here is a research paper I wrote about the impact of Photoshopped images on women’s self image perception.

Photographic Manipulation and It’s Impact on Women’s Self-Image