Why Camera Functions Academy?

There are two parts to this academy.  For ease, we are going to call one “Book Smart Camera Functions Academy” and the other “Street Smart Camera Functions Academy.”

Let me be clear – both Book Smart and Street Smart are important in most aspects of life.  For example, being a good parent can benefit from both reading up on the topic and actually being a parent in real life.  Sometimes there are people who think only Street Smart is worthy of respect but having both the mind and body involved in most everything you do is vital and helpful.  Book Smart is super important because it helps with understanding the “Why” of processes.  Street Smart is more concerned with the “How.”  One without the other makes for, often, a dysfunctional and/or application of a skill.

Book Smart Camera Functions

All students will engage in the “Book Smart” paart of this academy by taking a multiple choice test (study guide/ lectures, and practice quizzes all provided on website). 

Why do experienced photo students need to take this?  Because often students have not engaged in photography much in any meaningful way since their last photo class.  So this is a way that those students are held accountable for refreshing their memory about the most fundamental parts of photography.


Street Smart Camera Functions

If you have not taken a photo course, then you will need to engage in this part of the academy so that you demonstrate your knowledge of camera functions.  Some of you who have taken a photo course may need to engage in some of this part of the academy due to the pandemic disallowing access to DSLRs.  Mr. Lindroth will customize this for each student.



Some of you who have not taken a photo class may perceive that you are asked to do more work than those who have experience.  Your perception is correct.  If you think this is unfair, well, then tell that to the students who took time out of their life to take an entire one or two intro photo course(s).  Just feel fortunate you were allowed to take this course.