Photo Two – COVID-19 Modified Curriculum

4/7 Update: Please read the email on your learn account.

Unless something dramatic changes, the schedule you see here should stand till the end of the school year.


Schedule of Due Dates Photo Two – COVID-19 Modification


First Assignment: Introductory Image – 

This first assignment is really easy – the district asked us to start off easy so that we can allow time for students to get in line with the online set up.

Upload one photo from your time in self isolation onto Google Photos and title the album “Introductory Image.”  You will see this assignment on Google Classroom  It is due 3/30.


Image Capture during COVID

Also, I added a few more topic choices to this:

Photographic Topics During COVID


Upheaval & Strife Photography


Student sample papers of Strife and Upheaval:


Robert Capa – James Hanover


Link to Photographic Philosophizing Web Page


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