Photography One/Two

Photo Two – COVID-19 Modified Curriculum

4/27 Update

I am currently updating how we will proceed given the new Grading Policy announced by the district.  I will be sending out an email hopefully by tomorrow with that information.  There are some issues with Q that the county is working on correcting before I can go forward with the update. 

The assignment schedule will not change.


Photographic Topics During COVID

link to see what the written task entails.  This can be turned in as a separate document or can be written as a comment on Google Classroom.  Be sure to “SEND” the comment once done or I will not see it.  You can go back and do this for the Photo 1 series if you’d like, but since it has not bearing on your overall grade, it will not matter much.  As long as you turned in something, you got your attendance credit.  I know this all seems weird, but this is how the district is requiring us to proceed to allow a slow roll out of online learning.


Photo Series and Written Task Explanation:


Photographic Topics During COVID


Schedule of Due Dates:


Schedule of Due Dates Photo Two – COVID-19 Modification


Guidelines when completing Photo Series (around social distancing laws):


Image Capture during COVID


Upheaval and Strife Assignment:


Upheaval & Strife Photography


Student sample papers of Strife and Upheaval:


Robert Capa – James Hanover


Photographic Philosophizing Explanation:


Link to Photographic Philosophizing Web Page


Click here to get the Remind code:

Remind invite Photo Two 2020 spring


Photoshop and Lightroom Tutorials (use of these programs is optional):


Photoshop/Lightroom Tutorials COVID-19