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Still Life

Image by Nivi Shaham

For this assignment watch the videos made by Nivi Shaham.  She will ask for you to participate in Action Items.  Nivi takes you on a journey of pre-production and production.  For these actions items, photograph you journey and thought process.  You will need to, at minimum, have in your Google Photos Album:

At least one image of a brainstorm for your still life

At least one image that shows how you plan to light your still life and how you plan to arrange the still life

At least two images of Mood Boards and collection of inspiring images

Your final image

Here is my Still Life Project:

Mr. Lindroth’s Still Life


Still Life – Presented by Nivi Shaham

(NPHS Photo Alum, Class of 2018)

Still Life Intro Part 1


Still Life Intro Part 2


Still Life Pre-Production


Still Life – Lighting


Still Life – Mood Boarding



Still Life – Sketching


Still Life – Mock ups


Still Life  – Bringing It All Together


Here are the Slides for the entire presentation


Shooting Still Life Effectively



Nivi Shaham’s website:


Nivi Shaham AP Portfolio 2018 – Score: 5



  1. Vanessa Rees, Food and Still Life: 

  2. Leslie Grow, Food and Still Life:

  3. Stephanie Shih, Food and Still Life:

  4. Gerard and Belevander, Still Life Photography Studio: 

  5. Maciek Miloch, Food and Still Life: 

  6. Marc Tran, Still Life: 

  7. Suzanne Saroff, Still Life: 

  8. Crudo, Food and Still Life: 


NPHS Photo Alum: Erin Hines (Class of 2009) – Still Life Portfolio:

Erin Hines – Still Lifes Brought to Life



Here are the slides of the historical background of Still Life

Still Lifes Historical Background Slides