NPHS Art Show Written Reflective Response/Ekphrastic Poem

Please go to the NPHS Art Show 2022 and look through the images.  You will be responding to the art in written form. Photograph the images you want to write about with your phone or you may borrow a digital camera to photograph them. 

Choose your 3 favorite photo images and then respond to these questions on this document. 

This is a Word Version of the document.  When you click on this link, the Word Doc will download onto your computer.  Paste your images into the document.


NPHS Art Show Written Reflective Response


Important to note: you must write about 3 different students. 


Here is my example Written Reflective Response:

NPHS-Art-Show-Written-Reflection – Mr. Lindroth



Composition Ideas to consider that we have discussed:

Rule of thirds, balance, simplicity, use of line, depth of field, texture, shape, etc.


Here are the questions you will be answering about 3 images from the art show:

Artist name:


Why is this image one of your favorites from the art show?



What does this artist do well in the application of strong composition?



What kind of light is used in this image (harsh, diffused, backlighting, angled lighting, long shutter speed, etc.) and how does this light use help the image overall compositionally and/or thematically?