Photo One Syllabus

Photography One and Two

Eric Lindroth

Newbury Park High School

My Goal: To help you become the best artist photographer you are capable of becoming



Endeavors in which we engage:

  • Use or mobile device and/or other camera that student possesses to shoot photos
  • IF we return to campus, the basics of 35mm camera usage on a film SLR (Single Lens Reflex) and a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex).  If you have your own, you may use them
  •  skilled use of ISO, aperture, shutter speed, white balance and light meter
  • IF we return to campus, we might do: film developing, printing the negative with an enlarger, and developing the print through to a final permanent image.
  • using basic editing techniques on Photoshop, Photopea and Lightroom
  • using the rules of composition to create a pleasing photograph
  • exploring the historic impact of photography on society via research projects
  • explore established photographers’ works and the motivations behind them
  • Explore and shoot a sustained investigation (you choose the topic and spend the course shooting images in that direction of that thought)
  • Shoot thematic photos (about once a week)

The specific shoots we will be doing are as follows:

  • Line
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Informal Portrait
  • Motion – Freeze, Panned, and Blurred

Grading Scale

A+                               100%                          C+                               77-79%

A                                  93-99%                      C                                  73-76%

A-                                90-92%                      C-                                70-72%

B+                               87-89%                      D+                               67-69%

B                                  83-86%                      D                                 63-66%

B-                                80-82%                      D-                                60-62%

F                                  59 and below

Late Policy

Any assignment may be turned in late for partial credit.  You get 60% credit for a late assignment.

Re-Doing for a Better Grade

You may re-do any assignment for a better grade IF then original submission was initially turned in on time.

Contingency Plans

Since this is an equipment based class and it does use materials, if we return to campus, there may be a cost you will have to cover to pay for supplies.  How much this will be is determined by how early we return and what we can accomplish with the time we have. This course is normally around $120-150 to pay for supplies.  If we stay online, there will be no charge.  If we return to campus, the cost will likely not be much more than $20 or 50.  Maybe no charge at all.  I cannot make a clear determination at this point.  If your family is in a position where they would not be able to afford the cost, there is scholarship money available to those who qualify.  At this point, no need to think about money for the class.

Additionally, since there are both Blended Model Students in the class and Online Only Students in the class, if we do return to campus, what will be required of each group would likely diverge as those who stay online would not have access to the darkroom or the class cameras.