Campus Photo Scavenger Hunts

Campus scavenger hunt photo shoots are designed to push your creativity and allow you to go out on campus to take photos. You may use a DSLR, film camera, or cell phone camera.

Be aware that alternative assignments can be given for any student who abuses the priviledge of taking photos on campus.  Alternative assignments will be written in format.

All photos must abide by all school rules in how they are photographed and the content within the images.


Campus Photo Scavenger Hunt #1


Campus Photo Scavenger Hunt #2


Campus Photo Scavenger Hunt #3


If you are using a cell phone for some or all of these images, be sure to be aware of how to get your images from your phone to Google Photos


if you are using an iPhone, change the file type to Most Compatible

Here is a link to the Tutorials on Google Photos (videos #2-5 are the ones to watch):

Google Photos Tutorials

Here is a link that explains how to switch an iPhone to the most compatible file type:

iPhone Compatibility File Type Change