What is the AP Portfolio?

Part 1: Sustained Investigation

The Sustained Investigation consists of 15 Images with corresponding text for each image and what is call the Written Evidence (artist statement)

The prompt for the Written Evidence is:

Identify the question(s) or inquiry that guided your sustained investigation.

Describe how your sustained investigation shows evidence of practice, experimentation, and revision guided by your question(s) or inquiry.

To see more information on the Sustained Investigation go to this link:

Sustained Investigation


Part 2: Selected Works

The Selected Works consists of your top 5 images with corresponding text for each image

To see more information on the Selected Works go to this link

Selected Works




Below is a complete portfolio:


Sara Snell Portfolio

Score: 5 

Topic: Macro Lens Photography

This Portfoflio is complete with all text included

Sara Snell AP Portfolio with all text



To see many samples of high scoring portfolios from NPHS students go here:

Sample AP Portfolios