Digital Editing Academy

This academy is designed to ensure every student entering AP or IB photo will be able demonstrate basic, intermediate and advanced Photoshop and Lightroom editing. This is to ensure that you have more methods at your disposal to better express your artistic concepts.

You will be turning in these assignments and most all assignments for the class using Google Photos, so it is vital you watch those tutorials.  For all these assignments, I have detailed instructional videos, a Google Photo Album that shows how the assignment must be submitted, and also student sample images.

Only Photoshop assignments will be done over the summer.  Lightroom will wait till the school year.  I would highly recommend you get Photoshop CC on your computer.  There is a monthly charge to have it.  If you prefer not to use this, then you can use Photopea (free online – very similar to Photoshop, but a little slow and glitchy at times).  If you have a Chormebook, you will have to use Photopea.  All tutorials have a Photopea version as well.  Students will have access to Photoshop and Lightroom at school.

Step One: Get Google Photos Set up on your Computer

(setting up Google Photos on cell phone is not absolutely required, but recommended)

  Go to this link to learn how to work with Google Photos:


Google Photos Tutorials


Step Two: Complete Courses

Digital Editing Academy Course 1: Basic – Photoshop or Photopea

Due by second Friday of school in the fall.


Digital Editing Academy Course 2: Intermediate – Photoshop or Photopea

Due by end of first sub-term (late October)


Digital Editing Academy Course 3: Advanced – Photoshop or Photopea

Due by end of first term for AP

Half due by end of first term for junior year IB,  half due by end of school year for junior year IB