Digital Editing Academy Course 2: Intermediate

This part of the digital editing course contains assignments that are more complex.  These tasks involve:

Removing or altering unwanted or artifacts on photos (often called touch-up or re-touch) by use of Healing Tools, Masks, and Filters.

Using Masks

Using the Blending Modes

Using the Transform Tool

Using the Liquify Filter

First thing you need to do is look at this page in the next link.  There is a video that gives an overview of what a mask is, what it can be used for, and demostrate some of it’s capabilities

This is a video that gives an overview of mask use – not an assignment:

Masks Introduction



Digital Hand Painting


Sunset/Sunrise With Foreground- Exposure Balancing



Overlay to Improve Contrast – Working with Blending Modes



Healing Tools – Touch up Editing


Mask to Fix Merger



Liquify Filter


Photomontage – with Clouds – Using Masks and Transform Tool