Portrait Darkroom Photo

Shoot Images with a shallow depth of field (f/stop f/1.7-f/5.6)

Turn in best exposure printed and contact sheet


Compositional Focus:

Shoot in diffused light (mostly)

Avoid Mergers

Try to get a shallow depth of field (large aperture opening)




You will be turning in the contact sheet and print to the tray in the classroom with a rubric. M. L will enter the score on Canvas.



Here is a video of lecture about how to best shoot portrait:



Here are the lecture slides:

Portrait Overview

Here is a video on the lecture about Aperture and Depth of Field:

Here are the slides of the Aperture/Depth of Field Lecture:

Aperture & Depth of Field


Here is a video that explains how to to shoot on Av Mode (Aperture Value Mode) on a Canon Rebel so you can set the aperture properly to get the depth of field you desire:


Here is a video From Apalapse that explains Aperture:

Video about Aperture (Apalapse)

Here are videos from Adorama that explain Depth of Field and Circles of Confusion:

Video Explanation on Depth of Field

Video that Explains the Circle of Confusion