Photography Two

Photography Two

Free Choice Assignments

Free Choice Assignments are designed for the student to have choice in the subject matter of the photos.

There will 5 images due for each Free Choice Submission.  This number can be reduced if doing more complicated editing (montage, for example).

Keep in mind that I am not asking for any particular form of editing or topic, so these are generally graded harder.

You may use new exposures or exposures you have turned in before AS LONG AS THEY ARE EDITED IN A DIFFERENT WAY.

Say I turn in the images on the left for one assignment and then for free choice I edited them like the ones on the right, then that is fine.



Snapseed App

Here is a video about Snapseed.  It is a free photo editing app from Google. I highly recommend it.

Here is an album of images I edited with the app.  There are images before the edit shown and the image after using various filters and image enhancement features.

Mr. Lindroth’s Snapseed Samples