Moorpark College Dual Credit Information

Photography Students in Photo One & Two

can earn Credit from Moorpark College

Course Title: Photo M10

Photo 1/2 has been articulated with Moorpark College and by fulfilling certain requirements below, you could receive dual credit for your NPHS transcript and on a Moorpark College transcript.  You do not have to attend Moorpark College is receive the benefit (explained below).


Why do this?

It is free (not the case when you go to college)

There is very little risk involved (only a risk to maybe your ego getting bruised a bit if you don’t get the grade you are striving for and a grade penalty if you back out once you have committed to submitting a portfolio – explained below)

The grade you get for this course shows up on the Moorpark College transcript so it looks as if you took the course at Moorpark College.

The credits are trasferable to most colleges (you would want to check to confirm this, of course, if you know the college(s) you are interested in going to)


Moorpark College Credit Course Rubric

Who determines grade?

Mr. Lindroth grades portfolio and then the portfolio is sent to a photography professor at Moorpark College to validate the grade, so ultimately, it is the professor that makes the final decision.

Below are portfolios that were accepted for credit for the beginning photography class offered at Moorpark College.  You will include 5 breadth image and 5 Sustained Investigation images along with an artist statement explaining your investigation.


Student Sample Portfolios

Amy Petersen Moorpark Portfolio – Grade: A

Topic of Sustained Investigation: Beauty of Decay

Sara Grecco Moorpark Portfolio – Grade: A

Topic of Sustained Investigation: Human Made Structure in Relation to Nature Made Structure

Sarah Bean Moorpark Portfolio – Grade: A

Topic of Sustained Investigation: Dance Outside the Studio

Gavin Williams — Grade: A

Topic of Sustained Investigation: Off Roading Contrast to Urban World

Kelsey Armstrong – Grade: A

Topic of Sustained Investigation: Farming

Joseph Naumann – Grade: A

Topic of Sustained Investigation: Farming


Qualifications to Receive a Grade at Moorpark College

Students will need to get at least 80% on the Camera Functions Test given at the end of the school year in order to get a grade for the Moorpark Course

In order to get an A for the Moorpark grade, the student must have at least an A- in the NPHS Photo 1/2 course (otherwise the highest grade the student could get for Moorpark is a B). If a student earns less than a B- in either Photo 1 or 2, they are disqualified from any grade for Moorpark.

Students must meet with MrL periodically to conference about their progress.

Once student has gotten a B or better in the NPHS photo course and gotten at least 80% on the test, the final Moorpark grade is determined by the final grade on the portfolio.

Students are awarded one of three grades: A, B, C or Not Passing. Keep in mind that if you do not get at least a A- in NPHS Photo 1/2, you could still score an A on the Moorpark portfolio grade, but could only get a B in the final Moorpark grade.

Students will always accept the A, of course.  If a student gets a B or C, it is up to the student to decide if the grades goes on the transcript. A “Not Passing” will not go on the transcript at all.

Once you have committed to submitting a portfolio, you will be receiving an additional grade in the gradebook for your time you put in (upon completion of portfolio).  If you back out after you commit to doing this, you will receive a zero for that 200 point grade.  This is because there needs to be some consequence for not following through on a commitment that involves another person’s time, that person being Mr. Lindroth.








During normal times (but not during COVID)

You will print and mount your portfolio.  Your statement will need to be printed out and set out with printed images on the Portfolio Day.  You will also need to turn in your portfolio as Google Slides on Google Classroom.  Statement must be on slides as well.