Famous Photographer Emulation Project

This link below displays the images of the photographers that you can choose from for the Emulation Project.  You do not have to choose from this list.  If you choose off list, you must consult with Mr. Lindroth.

All Photographers


This is the list of names that goes with the images in the above Power Point PDF:

Famous Photographers List


This is an explanation of the assignment:

Famous Photographer Research Project

This is the evaluation form which will be used to grade your presentation and photos:

Famous Photographer Pres Evaluation


This is a good example of a Power Point that students created for the project:

Imogen Cunningham- Anna and Mckenna


Here are some helpful websites to look for a photographer to choose and also to use for research:




See which photographers are taken.  There can be no duplicate presentations, so check before researching.

Period 2 Sign ups

Period 3 Sign ups