Unit 4: Digital Projects

Print this top document out to go out on your Campus DSLR Shoot which will familiarize you with the settings on the camera:

Digital Camera Photo Two Checklist

This is the PowerPoint used to explain the different settings on your DSLR and have diagrams of the exercises:

Digital Camera Intro and Exercises

These are sample images of the Photoshop Assignments you are to do:

Darkroom Print Touch up
Image is Andrea Sevier’s

Before Digital Touch Up

Andrea Sevier pre touch up

After Digital Touch Up

Andrea Sevier post

Click on these links to see Power Points of the following assignments:

Digital Montage

Digital Handpainting

This a A PowerPoint that explains the reminder of the settings you should check on your DSLR before you shoot:

WIFE is an acronymn for:
White Balance
File Type and Size
Exposure Setting