Type B: Darkroom Manipulations

These are manipulations that are done in the darkroom (post-production).

Below are links to see sample images of Type B CFS prints.

Multiple Printing 

Show the Film Edge Images

Text and Image

Ortho-Litho Effects

Spray Developer

Warp Print Images



 Multiple Printing

–          Sandwiched Negatives (Photographic Eye, 220)

–          Dodging and Burning Images Together

These two can be done for two separate CFS assignments since the process is different

–          Multiple Frame Printing – this is when several exposure frames display on the

same piece of photo paper.  Works best on 11×14 paper and using enlarger #1.

Surrealism (means lacking reality such as Jerry Uelsman’s combined images)

 Text and Image – Embedded into Print using transparencies

Warped Image (House of Mirrors Effect) – bend paper while exposing under enlarger

Spray Developer – use spray bottle to bring image out of paper then either put in stop bath for white spots or put in developer for 30-45 seconds for two gray tonalities

Brush Developer – use brush with developer on it to bring image out of paper then place in the stop bath

Showing Film Edge – this works well with most photos, but especially those exposures that experienced a light leak during negative development.

Ortho-Litho Effects – this is using ortho-litho transparencies to create images

Texture Screen


Off Set Negative

Bent negative