Petition for AP/IB Photo during COVID-19

Here is a video that gives a brief overview of both AP and IB Photo.

Hello for any student looking to petition into AP Studio Art (Photo Emphasis) or IB Visual Arts (Photo Emphasis):

Due to the COVID-19 distance learning situation, the entrance test to enter the course will not be administered the school year before the course begins as it normally would.  The test will be taken next year (likely at the beginning of the course during class), but we are not sure where things will be at that point, so I cannot tell for sure.  Regardless, you should look over the study guide to familiarize yourself with the basics of the camera.  I will update you on when the test will be administered.  I will give you plenty of notice.

So what you will need to do at this point:


Get the petition form done if you have not already:

AP Photo Petition


IB Photo Petition


Please print it out, sign it, have your parent/guardian sign it, photograph it with your phone and email it to:



I know it requires a teacher signature. If you had Mr. Bateman, just print his name where the teacher signature goes.  I will contact him to verify you took his course.  I will sign the form once I get it from you. 

Please have this done by June 5.



If you have taken a photo class here at NPHS already, look to “Third.”

If you have not taken a photo class here at NPHS you will need to do the following:

Submission Portfolio


Please have this done by June 5.



If you have not done so already, contact Mr. Lindroth via one of the emails above to get the codes to join Remind and Google Classroom.

There will be no summer assignment due the uncertainty of what is ahead. 

Be prepared for the entrance test, whenever it will be offered.


Resources for you to study for the test:

1. To know what is on the entrance test, click on this and print out if necessary:

AP-IB Entrance Exam Study Guide

2. This is the Power Point that has diagrams of much of what the Study Guide is asking for:

Photo Boot Camp

3. For the packet used in Photo One/Two that has much of the info asked on the test please click on this link.  Not all information from the study guide here, but this one might be the most useful.

Camera Tools and Functions Packet

4. The best webpage on this site to get the camera basics is on this link below. 

Basic Camera Operations Information 

Why must you take a test to enter this course?

The reason you must petition into this course is because it is an advanced photography course and what you are being asked on this test is fundamental photographic knowledge you should know before entering a class at this level.  Due to the recent digital revolution in photography and the advent of the smartphone camera, many people perceive that photography is just pushing a button, but there is much more to it than that if you truly would like to control outcomes in your photos, which is what this class is about.  Saying photography is just pushing a button at this level is like saying to our most advanced choir class at NPHS, Chamber Singers, to just open your mouth and start to sing without knowing what such simple musical terms as a note or an octave actually do in a piece of music.  At this level of photo you need to know what an f-stop is and it’s function, what ISO is and how to use it, etc.  This is like knowing what notes and octaves are in music.  Sure you can take a photo on a smartphone without knowing what these terms are, but you will have very little range in what and how you can shoot and you will not grow much as an artist.

If you have questions on the study guide that you cannot figure out on your own, please email him at: