Photo Contests


Hillcrest Center for the Arts Student Show

Required for all AP and IB students

Due Feb 19



Entry information:


Eric Lindroth

Teacher Email:

Teacher school phone number: 

(805) 498-3676





Reducing File Size


Before you even start uploading anything for the Westlake Village Art Guild, read these below.  Image must be 2 MB or smaller (don’t go too small, though).

These are tutorials created by MrL:


An image file must be 2MB or smaller to upload to the WVAG. 

This tutorial here shows how to reduce file size using Windows:


What if a file size is file to over 2 MB?


Here is a tutorial using Photoshop to reduce the file size:


How to reduce file size using Photoshop


There are other ways to reduce the file size. 

You can look online for tutorials using other apps.  One way is to email your image from you phone and instead of choosing Actual Size, choose a smaller size file.   This is how an iPhone displays this:

In this case the Large size would be good.  You don’t want to go too small for your file size.




(extra credit 25 points per entry – up to a max of 100 points per sub-term/term)

This site has ongoing online photo contests.  Some are free some you have to pay for.


Entry dates ongoing

Send email or screen shot to confirm participation.