Parent/Guardian Info

General Information about My Courses:

I use Canvas and Q Gradebooks.  Canvas is more up to date as I must manually update Q which I do as often as I can.  I do the bulk of my grading on the weekends, because that is honestly the only time I have to do it. I try to stay as up to date as possible with grades.


Syllabus for Photo One/Two

In the syllabus is the late work policy, this information below relates to the late policy.


Quiz make ups are allowed about one week to be turned in – not three weeks like other assignments – the quizzes get the highest grade the student scores on them.  They are untimed and open book.


Assignments due toward the end of a grading period, do not get the three weeks late grace period. 

For sub-term one, any assignment due March 5 or later will only be allowed to be turned in late by March 26 which is the last day of that sub-term. 

For sub-term two, any assignment due May 14 or later will only be able to turned in by June 4.  This is is not the last day of the sub-term but the following week is finals and all photo assignments must be in by June 4 to avoid dangerous procrastination so late in the year.



How to become an parent observer on Canvas:


Here is the instructions on how to become a parent observer on Canvas:







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