Petition for AP-IB Course Entrance


If you are interested in registering for AP Photo or IB Photo, please email Mr. Lindroth


When you go to register for AP, it will be listed as AP Studio Art 2-D

IB Visual Arts requires a great deal of art experience to qualify for the course.  You will need to have a Zoom meeting with Mr. Lindroth before any steps can be taken to register.


Please watch this video to understand what the AP course will be like:




If you are interested in IB Visual Arts, please watch this video if Mr. Lindroth has not gone over this with you in a meeting.  All IB Visual Arts parents/guardians must watch this video:




AP Only:


Petition Contract for AP Photography


 Here is the link to the summer assignment for AP:

AP Photo Summer Assignment


IB Only:


IB Visual Arts (Photo) Petition Explanation



To Petition into IB, click on this link below and print it out – this is due by June 2 to Mr. Lindroth, but it is better to have it in sooner:


Petition Contract for IB Visual Arts – Photography