Petition for AP-IB Course Entrance

There is a process in place to get into AP or IB photo.  Please see below for the information


You must have a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Lindroth!!!

Please see him at lunch or after school

To Petition into AP or IB photo, click on this link and print it out.

Petition Form is being Modified – will be available after spring break

To know what is on the entrance test, click on this and print out if necessary:

Study Guide for Entrance Test

Test is given in C-24

 Resources for you to study for the test:

This is the Power Point that has diagrams of much of what the Study Guide is asking for:

Photo Boot Camp

For the packet used in Photo One/Two that has much of the info asked on the test please click on this link.  Not all information from the study guide here, but this one might be the most useful.

Camera Tools and Functions Packet

Above are the documents you’ll need to enter this course.  The only one you turn into Mr. Lindroth is the Petition.  The other two are here to help you prepare for the entrance exam for the course.  The test is on basic functions of the camera and some fundamental digital imaging processes.  The Photo Boot Camp is the Power Point I use for explaining what is on the study guide, so it is sometimes diagrams with no explanation, but it can be helpful for you to refer to in your study.


The best webpage on this site to get the camera basics is on the Basic Camera Operations Information  (click on this link) page which can be accessed also the home page of this site on the side bar.


Why must you take a test to enter this course?

The reason you must petition into this course is because it is an advanced photography course and what you are being asked on this test is fundamental photographic knowledge you should know before entering a class at this level.  Due to the recent digital revolution in photography and the advent of the smartphone camera, many people perceive that photography is just pushing a button, but there is much more to it than that if you truly would like to control outcomes in your photos, which is what this class is about.  Saying photography is just pushing a button at this level is like saying to our most advanced choir class at NPHS, Chamber Singers, to just open your mouth and start to sing without knowing what such simple musical terms as a note or an octave actually do in a piece of music.  At this level of photo you need to know what an f-stop is and it’s function, what ISO is and how to use it, etc.  This is like knowing what notes and octaves are in music.  Sure you can take a photo on a smartphone without knowing what these terms are, but you will have very little range in what and how you can shoot and you will not grow much as an artist.

Below are the dates for the optional Q&A session with Mr. Lindroth on the study guide and the dates for the mandatory entrance test. 

Entrance Test Q&A sessions:


Test Dates:


If you cannot make the dates listed above, please see Mr. Lindroth to schedule an alternate date.

These above dates are subject to change if there are any unforeseen events in Mr. Lindroth’s life that prevent him from being present.  Please check the website before coming in to take a test or go to a study session.


The last date the CD of your 15 images can be turned in is TBA
This is only for students who have not taken a photo class at NPHS previously.

Location for all the above: Room C-24