AP Portfolio Submission to College Board

College Board Info for AP Studio Submission
School code for NPHS
Teacher key

Deadlines for submitting to College Board:

Online Portfolio:

Please consider these the latest deadlines.  You are encouraged to get this all done sooner.

Online Portfolio must be completed and forwarded to Mr. L by May 3 



Quality Portfolio (printed and mounted work – 5 pieces)



All images must be mounted and ready by May 8 at 12:30. 


This is when we will be turning in the Quality Portfolio.  This will occur in Room C24.  If you are unable to make it, please arrange for another student to turn in your portfolio. 

You will need your AP sticker book for turning in your Quality Portfolio.  The school usually has it, but if you took it home after an exam, please have it for this submission process. 


Here is the link for the Digital Submission Web Application:

This is where you start the process.
You register and also upload all your files and commentary so you will be coming back here a lot.  Remember your user name and password!



Here are some helpful documents to look at to know how to upload and submit your portfolio to the College Board:


How to submit your AP portfolio online


Studio Art student-preview


How to make sure your AP score gets to your college:



This above is the link to look up the four digit code for the university you plan to attend.  You will need to input this code when you forward your portfolio to me. If you don’t know where you are going, then you don’t need this.  After going to this link, just type in the name where it say “Find Colleges” and the four digit code will be toward the bottom of the page for your college.

Helpful Links Provided by the College Board:




AP Submission Information on College Board



Demo (very helpful):


Demo on How to Submit Your Digital Portfolio – College Board Website