Open Studio Assignments AP

Open Studio Assignments make up the majority of tasks in this class. Students create images for their Sustained Investigation.  Images do not always have to be photographs as this is a 2D Design class.  

The number of images required is 25.  Images must be edited for quality.  This means, at minimum, adjust contrast as necessary and touch up any blemishes that may have occurred in the production process (spots on the image, damage to film or paper in the darkroom).

The 25 number can be reduced if there is a great deal of labor that went into the images.  This might include photomontages, darkroom images, darkroom images with special effects, some landscape photos, astral photography, and other techniques that are labor intensive.  Please consult with Mr. Lindroth to determine the amount you would be allowed to submit.

Here is a video that explains the written aspect of your Open Assignments

For every Open Studio Assignment you submit, you are required to explain your work.

You get two random Open Studio Assignments in the year – this means the images do not need to fit under any Sustained Investigation and no write up is required.  Or the images may fall under a Sustained Investigation but no write up required. In the comments on Canvas write “rando #1,” “rando #2.”

Write this in the comments on Canvas.  I would suggest writing this on a Google or Word Doc first and then copying and pasting it into the comments.  YOu do not have to answer every question and I am not looking for a massive essay.  Give enough information so that I have a clear idea of your intentions with the images.

Questions to consider when writing about your work:


CONCEPT: What is the central idea of these works? (you can have more than one, but  I would say no more than two).


CONCEPT/RISK/EFFORT/PRECISION: What are some are some of the concepts or techniques that you are experimenting with? What revisions have you done here and/or what revisions would you consider in future assignments?


SYNTHESIS: What are the visual relationships your are showing among processes, materials and ideas? How are you synthesizing your ideas with the materials and processes?


COMPOSITION: What are you doing to make interesting compositions?


LIGHT: What are you thinking about with your use of light in the images?


Any other thoughts or comments you have in regards to this work.



This is the rubric I refer to when assessing your work. Click on image below for a larger display:



In translating this rubric for photography, the major factors that are considered in the grade are:








So when this is graded, it is scored out of 200 points in the grade book.