Extra Photo Shoots




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Extra Photo Shoots – “The Shooter”


You will turn in extra photo shoots.  These photos will be evaluated and given a grade.  They are not like your studio assignments in the way which you generally receive full credit if completed.


–          These will graded according to the AP rubric. These images cannot be turned in for the normal studio assignments.

AP Extra Photo Shoots Evaluation

For Term One:

–          You must submit six extra shoots

–          Of these six,  you are required to shoot: one portrait shoot or still life using studio lighting and one darkroom shoot (two prints and one proof sheet (beyond what is required for the normal studio assignments – in other words it must be a new shoot)

–          These images must be put into albums on flickr and labeled properly (Extra Shoot 1, Extra Shoot 2, etc.)


You must submit an evaluation rubric form to the turn in tray on the due date.


I expect these people to be out on photo shoots a lot during class and/or in the darkroom the majority of the period.