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Below is a document that describes how to get your flickr account and join the LightShine/NPHS Photo Pholks group

Joining flickr group LightShine

How to make an album on flickr

How to add images to the Group Pool on Flickr

Tentative Schedule of Topics for Classes

If and when it works out, I plan to have you work in Photoshop to do some basic editing.  This depends on time, honestly.

Oct 7

Technical Lesson: What is a Photograph? and Short History of Photography

Composition Lesson: Photographic Composition Guidelines

Assignment for week:

six images applying the Photographic Composition Guidelines

Put your images in an album on flickr titled Week One: Composition

Put your best 2-3 images in the Group Pool on flickr

Photo composition

PowerPoint: Week One Click Here

Composition Samples

Oct 14


Video to explain ISO

Video to Explain the Exposure Triangle of Photography

Photography pholks- PowerPoint – Week 2

Week 2 – Assignment – Exposure Triangle


Connecting Text and Image: Bible verse and the photograph

Technical Lesson: the Holy Trinity of Photography: the Exposure Triangle = ISO + Shutter Speed + Aperture

Compositional Lesson: Editing on Photoshop Basics (cropping, adjusting contrast, putting text on a photo)

Assignment for week:

If you have a camera that shoots on manual mode, practice using the light meter, adjusting your ISO, shutter speed and aperture manually when you shoot photos

Shoot six new photos this week (any topic)

Connect one or more to a Bible verse if possible

Bring in three table top objects for the next class’s lesson on Depth of Field

Oct 21

Watch this video before class:

Video Explanation on Depth of Field

Watch these video after class:

Video that Explains the Circle of Confusion

Video on Using a Large Depth of Field

Video on Getting a Large Depth of Field

I highly suggest you read this article:

10 Things About Light Article

PowerPoint Week 3 click this link:

Photography pholks – Week 3 

Week 3 assignment

Potential Bible Verses to Pair with a Photo

Technical Lesson: Aperture and Depth of Field

Composition Lesson: Best Light Use

Assignment: Six portrait photos some with shallow depth of field and some environmental portraits using a larger depth of field

This is a good website to see photography combined with Bible verses:

Oct 28

Some videos to watch before class:

Video on Freezing Motion and Blurring Motion

Video on Freezing and Blurring Motion

Video on Panning Motion

Here is the lesson PowerPoint:

Photography pholks – Week 4

Here are handouts that explain how to shoot the three kinds of motion photography:

Motion Photography Handout – Blur and Pan

Motion Photography Hanodout – freeze

Technical lesson: shutter speed

Composition lesson: freeze, pan and blur motion

Assignment for week:

If you have a camera where you can control shutter speed, shoot two freeze, two pan, and two blur motion photos

If you only have an auto exposure mode camera, shoot your freeze motion in bright light conditions, shoot your pan and blur in lower light conditions and it just might work. Or you can shoot images of your own choosing

Nov 4

Video on Very Slow Shutter Speed Use

Bulb Exposure Samples and Explanation Webpage

The second half of this portfolio is the bulb exposure part, although the first 12 images are stunning as well:

Andy Cho’s Portfolio – Bulb Exposures

Technical lesson: Bulb Exposure: advanced shutter use

Compositional lesson: demonstrate bulb exposure

Assignment for week:

If you have a camera with manual control, shoot six bulb exposure images, if not, shoot six images of your own choosing

Nov 11

Potpourri day – Bracketing, Exposure Compensation, White Balance, File types

PowerPoint for this week:

LightShine-NPHS Photo – Final Week

This is a PowerPoint that has visuals and explanations of much of what we covered in the course:

Photo Boot Camp

This is a packet of Camera Tool and Functions Definitions and Explanations. It is great for a quick refresher and maybe you would want to print it out:

Photo One/Two Camera Tools Entire Packet

Select images for reception/party

Nov 18

Celebration with friends and family at someone’s house.