COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone,


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I hope you and your friends and family are doing as best you can in this difficult time in our planet’s history.

This page on my website will have the latest updates for my classes. 

Everyone: please read below about your class and please check back here on Monday to see the latest.

As the situation changes on a daily basis,  I am uncertain about many things related to coursework for my classes.  At this point, our main priority, of course, is everyone’s health and I am keeping my perspective, realizing that the curriculum of my courses, while important, takes a far backseat to the crisis we are facing. Having said that, here is information on how we can try to salvage what we can for the rest of the school year.

Some points that must be brought up at this time:

All Classes

School cameras, at this time, will not be available to check out while school is out.  This may change, but I would not count on it.

Darkroom or computer lab access at the school will definitely not be available during the closure.

Photo One/Two

Please go to this page on the website for the current schedule for Photo Two.  You might want to bookmark this new link as it will be what you will referring to for the next several weeks.

Photo Two – COVID-19 Modified Curriculum



AP Photo

Please go to this link for the latest updates on AP Photo

COVID-19 Updates/Schedule AP Photo

IB Photo First Year

Please go to this link for the latest update:

IB Photo – 1st Year – Modified Schedule – COVID-19

IB Photo Second Year

Please go to this link to see the latest for this class:

IB Photo – 2nd Year – COVID-19 Update and Schedule