IB Photo – 1st Year – Modified Schedule – COVID-19


Hope all is well with you in these turbulent times.  I know that some or all of you are disappointed how this shutdown affects your access to the darkroom.  And trust me, it breaks my heart.  I have never had a group of IB students take to the darkroom as eagerly as this group has and I’ve been teaching IB since 2002.  So that is saying something for sure.  Not only has your darkroom work been great, but also your journals and digital work.  So keep it up!  You are a special group of students!  The Fab Five of 2021! 

Good news:  It looks like you can download Photoshop for free during this crisis. However, we are waiting on the district to get it up and running.  Not a sure thing at this point.  I will inform you if it comes about.


What to do now:

If you not signed up for Remind (there is only one of you who has not), please do so now:

IB Photo Remind 2019-20


I will need you to download the Zoom app on your tablet or phone if you have not already. It is free.  This is for tele-comferencing.  I am not sure how much we will use it, but I want it at our disposal.  If school remains closed for longer than it is currently scheduled, we will need Zoom to discuss your comparative study and your progress as an artist so far and discuss the future of your progress.


Look at the updated schedule below and complete assignments on time

IB Photo 1st Year – Modified Schedule – COVID-19

If you have any questions, please use Remind.  We have our designated time I am available for the 4B days and office hours.  But I am available anytime to take questions.  If we need to Zoom, we will schedule a time and date.