IB Submission Process

Please click on this link to see how to digitally upload your files for IB:

IB Student Portfolio Submission Explanation

Here is the website you go to for uploading all your documents.  You will need your log in numbers.



Very important! See below:

IB Uploading Document Naming

You must follow this format when naming your files when uploading to the IB website:

Last name_First Name_VA_Lindroth_Assignment.filetype (PDF, docx, etc.)

No IB candidate number or name on electronically uploaded work

Ariel font on documents(double spaced, size 11 – if applicable)

File names:

Comparative Study

Process Portfolio

Curatorial Rationale


Here are explanations for each submission.  Thanks to Mrs. Kaye for creating these!

Final Copy of Comparative Study

Process Portfolio


Here are the rubrics for the evaluation: