Sample Student IB Portfolios

Kylie Kelleher – 2016


Score: 5

LightKat Light – 2008

Option A HL
Score: 7

 Kat Light Candidate Statement

    Kat Light Studio Images

    Kat LightIWB Pages

Leslie Yeh Intro Image

Leslie Yeh – 2012
Option B HL
Score: 6

     Leslie Yeh Candidate Statement

     Leslie Yeh Studio Images

     Leslie Yeh IWB Pages


Tyler Feinberg – 2013
Option B HL
Score: 6

Tyler Feinberg Candidate Statement

Tyler Feinberg IB Images

Tyler Feinberg IWB pages


Chandler Hawkins – 2014
Option A SL
Score: 6

Chandler Hawkins Candidate Statement

Chandler Hawkins Images

Chandler Hawkins IWB pages


Stephanie Lee – 2014
Option B SL
Score: 6

Stephanie Lee Candidate Statement

Stephanie Lee IWB pages

Below is the audio interview with Stephanie. Click the play button to listen

Unfortunately I am still trying to locate Stephanie’s images.  Hopefully they can be located soon.